Ken O'Dowd MP Federal Member For Flynn - Coat of Arms

Ken O'Dowd MP

Federal Member for Flynn

Ken O'Dowd MP Federal Member For Flynn - Fighting for Flynn
Ken O'Dowd MP Federal Member For Flynn


Communications are a vital aspect of human life,
particularly in the technology-driven society we operate in today. Whether you
are in Gladstone, or out of Gindi, you require connectivity with the rest of
the country and the world.

The federal Coalition government is committed to improving communications
standards across regional and remote Australia with advanced rollouts of both
NBN and Mobile Blackspot Programmes.

NBN Co has recently celebrated reaching the 4 millionth
household, this means that the majority of regional and remote customers now
have access to NBN services, including more than 36,000 in Flynn.

Mobile phone coverage is an issue across rural Australia, a shortage
of reliable reception is often the cause of damage to people and property.
Increasing reception for rural residents will have huge benefits for business,
personal, and safety communications. The Coalition government, unlike Labor,
has committed real money to addressing these mobile blackspots with its $220
million (so far) Mobile Blackspot Programme (MBSP).

Through Ken’s dedicated advocacy for his rural constituents,
Flynn has been able to secure twenty-four commitments to build new mobile base
stations across the electorate. Locations set to benefit include:

  • Abercorn
  • Agnes Water
  • Avondale
  • Bogantungan
  • Bucca
  • Carnarvon Gorge NP
  • Coalstoun Lakes (On Line)
  • Deepwater
  • Dingo
  • Durong
  • Fork Lagoons (OnLine)
  • Jambin (OnLine)
  • Maroondan
  • Mulgildie
  • Rannes
  • Rules Beach
  • Springsure-Tambo Rd
  • Taroom
  • Tingoora
  • Ubobo (OnLine)
  • Upper Ulam

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Gladstone Electorate Office:

      07 4972 5465
      76 Goondoon Street,
      Gladstone QLD 4680

Emerald Electorate Office:
      07 4982 4266
      Unit 2, 115 Egerton Street,
      Emerald QLD 4720

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